Sacred Tree Pendant

I believe everything in life has a deeper meaning.

Violeta Jovcevski

Jewellery Designer

My love for design started at a very young age.

Having dyslexia as a child, I learned to communicate through art and developed my talent, through my formative years, that would eventually pave the way for my future career. My passion and artistic sensibility has seen me work in the makeup and fashion industries.

On becoming a mother, I decided it was high time I pursue a calling I had long put aside. Whilst I had always been able to incorporate my natural talent into my work, I wanted to create something more. I spent two years designing and perfecting my first piece of jewellery, The Sacred Tree Pendant.

I wanted the pendant to represent the complexity and intricate beauty of life and the many differing journeys we all find ourselves on. My desire to create a piece that was rooted in deep history and connected with spirituality, came to fruition with a pendant that symbolises strength, abundance and resilience.

As my passion and concepts grow, so too will the range, with more designs being added later in the year.

Celebrating your life journey, begins with your very own Sacred Tree Pendant.